Apps on Sustainability

Apps on Sustainability

If you are anything like me, your mobile phone is an indispensable ally in your life: they help us organize our agenda, keep in touch with the world and offer entertainment. In the same way, they are also a great tool to develop a more sustainable way of life thanks to the large number of apps designed to use resources more efficiently, boost savings and take care of the environment.

Discover a few of my favourites in this post...

1) Veggie Grower
A comprehensive planting guide for those who lilke me love to have a little veg & herb garden at home.
Lots of tips for growing our own organic cultivation on the balcony, terrace or garden!
Suitable for beginners in cultivation as well as more advanced folks.

2) Oroeco
A great app that enables you to see how every aspect of your life connects to climate change - from home to diet.
It tracks climate impacts of how you spend your money with the world's most powerful carbon footprint calculator.
Comes with great tips on how to save money & the planet!

3) SDGs in Action
Take action to help the Sustainable Development Goals - the world's official to-do list to end poverty, reduce inequalities and tackle climate changes.
You will learn about the 17 SDGs, get news on your fave goals and find out how you can help! 
A must, if you ask me!

4) Good on You - Ethical Fashion App
Even wondered how some brands offer really - like, REALLY - cheap apparel? Or, at what cost? 
This app provides trusted ethical brand ratings for more than 1,100 fashion brands.

5) Love your Leftovers
I feel like a proper fiasco when I end up throwing food leftovers in the bin - and I suspect I am not the only one!
This app allows you to be creative and use your leftover in really, really smart ways. 
Minimise waste and maximise taste!

Share your favourite apps with me - I am keen to get to know a few more :)

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