A Sustainable Business - Our Story

A Sustainable Business - Our Story

9 years ago when I set out to align what I cared passionately about with how I live my day to day life, I didn't realise that by focusing not just on what the world around me was / wasn't doing, but instead focusing on myself, what I cared about, and my personal impact on the world, it would result in having the best possible life I could have.

After a few years into my personal journey, I left a proper b-i-g job, started this purpose-driven business and along the way, met the most wonderful people and friends for life.

reuzi was built based on my belief that consumers should have convenient access to products and services that help us reduce our environmental impact.

With reuzi I also wanted to empower amazingly driven local entrepreneurs who are dedicating their lives to tackling plastic pollution and waste and help their business to grow in a way that was sustainable.

In just over 3 years, we have helped brands we carry to scale at a rate so quickly that some have had to take on additional staff. We have worked with brands to shift their shipping materials completely away from single-use plastic, and have even inspired brands to remove packaging from their products altogether #youknowwhoyouare

We have also enabled our customers to keep thousands of plastic bottles, plastic bags, single-use cups and straws out of landfills. Not to mention menstrual products and nappies too!

I feel really privileged to be able to live life fully aware of not just the world around me, but my impact on it.

I believe in taking responsibility, so I did what I did and will continue to focus on it for as long as I can.

I am so proud to be the founder and CEO of this little green business called reuzi and I look forward to continuing to learn and expand with all of you as we continue to focus on THE POWER OF ONE, our mission, and help make plastic pollution and general waste things of the past!

In my family we say 'We plan, God laughs' but it feels like this is just the beginning and I can't wait to see where this journey will take us.

Do any of you have an experience where your life changed because of living your values?

#gratitude #thepowerofone #reuzi

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