2021 - The Year of Sustainable Living... but wait, what's Sustainable Living?

2021 - The Year of Sustainable Living... but wait, what's Sustainable Living?

Eco-warrior and lovers of planet Earth, this is our year!

We often get asked for a definition for Sustainable Living.

Well, there's not one common definition here... Sustainable Living will means different things to different people, but this is the one I often use at biz & school presentations:

'Going through life without permanently damaging our planet.'

It's not about stopping doing what you love doing, it's about finding better ways of doing those things you love!

It's not about being perfect: it's about doing the best you can in your own imperfect ways.

Sustainable living is not a 'trendy thing' or a fad.

It's here to stay because if we want to stay here, we need to do better.

Sustainable living isn't all about ALL OR NOTHING.

And here are a few tips to get you started:

🌱Understand your 'why'. Why do you want to change some old habits? Why do you want to do better? These answers should keep you motivated throughout your journey

🌱3S - Start Small and Slow. Don't go hell for leather from the start. It won’t happen overnight. Pick your battles and know that real, solid changes take time, research and discipline

🌱Aim for progress and not perfection... don't let perfection stop you from getting started (and that, ladies & gents, applies to basically everything in life!). All progress is progress.

🌱Be realistic - not every single thing will suit you and your circumstances... someone else's 'easy' might be your 'hard AF' and that's ok. Be kind to yourself and as I always say, you do you!

And most importantly, be proud of yourself for taking that first step. YOU CAN DO THIS!

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