White Stone Oil Diffuser by Kotanicals

White Stone Oil Diffuser by Kotanicals

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A handcrafted, ultrasonic essential oil diffuser that doubles as a sleek simple piece of home decor.


Add 10–15 drops of pure essential oils to the stone ultrasonic diffuser. For cleaning and usage tips please look at this MANUAL the guys at Kotanicals put together for you!


Materials: Porcelain cover. BPA-free plastic water reservoir.

Dimensions: Diameter 90mm x Height 180mm
Power Voltage:Input AC 100-240 V
Output DC 24 V 0.5A
Comes with a five-foot-long power cord that must be plugged in for use.
Run time: Two settings: consistent three-hour and intermittent 7.5-hour.
Water Tank Volume-100ml
Safety: Automatically turns off when time is up or water runs out.