Water Purifier Pod

Water Purifier Pod

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Drop in STAYpure and drink great tasting safe water.

Each capsule comprises of 3 individual parts, the patented Aqua-Nu porous ceramic, a Metal Matrix Material, and an open slotted polypropylene capsule to enclose them. All materials used are of food grade quality.

When you drop the StayPure capsule into water, billions of microscopic pores go to work. The advanced super porous ceramic core is engineered to continuously react and interact with the water, acting like a magnet to absorb and adsorb impurities while simultaneously releasing valuable trace minerals.

The intended function of the ceramic comes from a natural resource called diatomaceous earth (DE) also known as Kieselguhr. Because DE is a naturally charged material, it has the capacity to attract/ adsorb and neutralize elements such as trace contaminants present in your drinking water.

The Aqua-Nu advanced ceramic comprises of approximately 85% DE and the ceramic possesses a mixture of natural biogenic minerals. Such minerals are released into the water in trace amounts in accordance with the demands of the water, to achieve a natural balance.

When in water, StayPure performs as an ionising agent and oxidation catalyst. This enables an oxidation process to ensue, causing the water to oxidise itself, degrading all organics (which includes microbes that may be present), over time. The oxidation process is fuelled by any residual disinfectant or dissolved oxygen that is always present in potable/tap water, allowing the water to help protect itself.

In summary...

StayPure is an innovative water preservation technology. It is designed to keep water purer, fresher, safer for long periods of time. The StayPure technology is designed to enhance the taste of potable water and protect against bad odours. This is achieved by promoting and maintaining freshness by balancing pH, improving alkalinity, emitting trace minerals into the water in accordance to the demands of the water, adsorbing trace contaminants, removing and preventing bacteria eliminating biofilms that cause stale taste and foul odours in your drinking water and container.


Each pod is about the size of a wine cork (23mm/ 0.90” diameter X 48mm/ 1.95” long) small enough to drop into almost any wide neck water container vessel.

How to use it

Clean your bottle or water container thoroughly before filling it with water and using your StayPure Pod for the first time.

When using the StayPure Pod for the first time rinse it under water before placing it into the water filled container. The StayPure Pod will sink to the bottom as the ceramic fills with water. This may take a few seconds. The StayPure Pod starts to work immediately. Occasionally shaking the container or swirling the Pod about in the water promotes the performance of the StayPure Pod. The StayPure Pod should remain immersed and covered with water for best performance. Your bottle or water container can be topped up with fresh drinking water regularly without any need to empty the residual water.

Where is it safe to use it?

StayPure is designed for enhancing portable quality water in drinking water vessels such as portable water bottles, water jugs/ pitchers, hydration packs, water coolers, coffee machine water reservoirs or any water container.

How long does it last?

Once the StayPure Pod Water Purifier is placed in water it activates and remains effective for at least six months capable of treating 1,000 litres (264 US gallons) of water. This is equivalent to 2,000 50 ml refills hence capable of replacing 2,000 Plastic Water Bottles amounting to about 20Kg of plastic.

One StayPure Pod will effectively work in water containers up to 3 litres in capacity. It is equally functional at water volumes less than 3 litres in capacity as it acts by dynamic equilibrium as it bestows its enhancements based on the demand from the water in which it is placed. For containers greater than 3 litres more than one StayPure Pod is necessary to meet the demands of the greater volume of water.

How often do I need to wash / clean my bottle?

The huge advantage of using StayPure is that it keeps water contact surfaces pristine clean. This means the inside of the bottle remains clean. The result is that you do not need to apply constant washing of your bottle to make sure it stays clean.

So how does StayPure keep the inside of the water botte clean? Firstly, StayPure prevents and prohibits bacteria from forming in the water in the bottle. Because bacteria are prevented from forming and establishing in the water in the botte this eliminates bacteria from attaching to the water contact surfaces creating and establishing hazardous dangerous biofilms which are very hard to remove once established. It is important to know that regular washing and high friction scrubbing of the water contact surfaces does not guarantee the removal of biofilms which attach and etch into material structures.