Toilet Bombs | Low Tox | Set of 6

Toilet Bombs | Low Tox | Set of 6

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A bath bomb for your toilet!

Made in small batches, right here in Dublin by Maud, a green living enthusiast, these bombs are an eco-friendly solution to cleaning toilet bowls and beyond.

Simply drop a bomb inside your toilet bowl (hey, no jokes eh! ☺️), give it a few minutes to work its magic, and once it’s all melted, with your trusted toilet brush, start brushing around the bowl.

Flush it et voilà!

You could also try in your sink or in your rubbish bin.

Once in a while you can throw one in your toilet cistern & it’ll keep depot away.


  • Citric acid is a disinfectant and can kill bacteria & viruses 
  • Bicarbonate of soda is a natural deodoriser & it helps dirt and grease to dissolves.
  • Eucalyptus and lemomgrass essential oils help fight dirt, bacteria, and of course, to add a lovely scent to it!

Sold in sets of 6 units.

Always store your bombs in an airtight container.

Safe to our ecologies, marine life and waterways.

Made in Dublin.

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