Tea Light Refills | Woodtown Studio

Tea Light Refills | Woodtown Studio

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18 pure beeswax tealights.

Made from 100% Irish beeswax, these tealights are made to refill Woodtown Studio glass holders.

Tealights are the perfect small candle for creating a beautiful golden light and atmosphere around your home. Light them for a calming bath, a mindful cuppa, a meditation session or for creating a moment at the dining table - inside or out.

We source our beeswax directly from the beekeepers here in Ireland, and hand-filter and pour these little beauties at home at the foothills of the mountains in Woodtown, Dublin.

18 tealights packaged in a recyclable kraft paper bag.

About 6 hours burn time

Pure Irish beeswax

Cotton wick, coated in beeswax, with aluminium tab

Height 19mm X Width 38mm