Reusable Organic Cotton Panty Liners (7 units)

Reusable Organic Cotton Panty Liners (7 units)

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7 (seven) Organic GOTS Certified Reusable Panty Liners made in Ireland

So many reasons why you should go for reusable cloth pads and liners!
- They are made of cotton/bamboo
- They are breathable
- No chemicals
- No plastic
- No nylon
- No synthetic fibres
- No bleach

-Washable & reusable:
- Easy to clean
- Hand/ machine wash using cold water
- Save you money, You buy them once, and use them for years
- Save the Earth!


- Organic GOTS Certified Cotton

- Organic Bamboo

- Cotton Flanel

- Rinse them, and soak them in a bucket of cold water
- You can wash them in the washing machine
- But do not use fabric softener

Due to hygiene reason, these products can not be returned.