Reusable Baguette Bag

Reusable Baguette Bag

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A high quality, thick cotton canvas bread bag with handy shoulder strap designed to carry freshly-baked baguettes from the bakery or food market.

Features a cotton tape strap-and-loop closure so the bag can be rolled over at the top and tied securely.

Because the bag is made from all natural fibres, it is also perfect for storing fresh bread as it prevents it from growing mould and also creates a barrier from any drafts which would dry it up.

This method of storing bread has actually been used for a very long time and is still recommended by bakers to this day.

The air exchange maintains the moisture at an optimal level to preserve the original taste and texture, as well as holding in that wonderful aroma of freshly-baked bread! For best results the bag should be sealed as tightly as possible.

Each bag measures approximately 19.5cm wide x 71cm long - fits two standard size baguettes.

Shoulder strap measures approximately 73.5cm long x 3.8cm wide.


The less you wash your bag the better; simply shake out any crumbs and reuse it as often as you like.

However if needed, wash in cold water on delicate cycle with a soft detergent and lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not use fabric softener.

Cotton fibre will naturally shrink by around 10-15% once washed. The bag is designed slightly bigger than needed for this reason.

It must be washed in cold water and not put into the dryer as this would shrink the bag even more.


Disposable plastic bags!

Ireland’s tax on plastic shopping bags, implemented in 2002 (go Ireland!), resulted in a significant decrease of waste generated by this type of item.

Remember that these bags are often dyed various colours, which represents another resource and potential environmental contaminant. again, #plasticsucks ...