Peace Body Oil Candle by Janni Bars

Peace Body Oil Candle by Janni Bars

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A gorgeous soy wax candle with wooden wick for a great atmosphere - gotta love the sound of the wick burning!

But of course there is more to it :)

Withadded cocoa butter and golden jojoba oil, this candle works as a fantastic hand lotion, just scoop a little out and it will melt in your hand like a lotion bar... or better again, for a luxurious skin treatment, light the candle and melt the wax and use as a hot oil massage, it’s gloriously moisturising!


Clary Sage and Frankincense are also known to help with:

- Nervous tension and stress

- Negative moods caused by hormonal imbalance

- Anxiety

- Poor memory and ability to concentrate

For the skin it will also help to:

- Reduce appearance of wrinkles

- Stimulates new growth cells

- Addresses acne, oil production and inflammation

120 ml in an amber glass jar.