Orthodontic natural  Pacifier by Hevea 0-3 months

Orthodontic natural Pacifier by Hevea 0-3 months

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Plastic-free, sustainable and completely non-toxic, the Orthodontic Pacifier is ideal for introducing to babies from day one. Handcrafted from soft, natural rubber to not irritate babies faces, it is also shaped to give space for little noses and chins, with smart cut out ventilation holes for easy breathing. When the pacifier reaches the end of its two-month lifespan, it can be composted or snail-mailed back to Hevea to be upcycled. Happy baby, happy planet, this is a soother which really makes a real difference!



- Natural rubber

- Before use: boil the pacifier in water for 5 minutes. Then let it cool down and empty out any water inside the nipple

- Always clean the pacifier before use and check that the nipple is undamaged

- Hevea recommend you dispose of pacifier after two months use.

- The natural rubber may change in colour and shape over time.



- Inspect carefully before each use

- Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness

- Only use dedicated pacifier clips

- Produced from natural rubber latex, which could cause allergic reactions