Oriculi Reusable Ear Swab by Lamazuna

Oriculi Reusable Ear Swab by Lamazuna [No packaging]

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The Oriculi replaces cotton buds to life.

This ingenious bamboo tool comes from Japan and China, where it is used by a large part of the population.

Why should you consider Oriculi Because it is an ecological and certainly cheap way to keep your ears clean.

Moreover, the oriculi protects the eardrum, because it is only used on the outer region of the ear.

It can also be used for children, but we recommend that the child is not left on his own to use the oriculi, for his or her own safety.


Place your index near the end in the shape of a "palette" and remove the eyelet present in the earpiece.

Do not go deeper!

The colored ball will serve to identify your Oriculi.

The cerume has the function of protecting the tympanum and only the excess anesthetic part is removed.

Use Oriculi once or twice a week to remove the visible cerume.

Oriculi is also suitable for children, but as previously mentioned, it must be categorically manipulated by an adult and with great care.


- Each box contains 1 stick

- Each member of the family must get his own Q-tip. We have different colors so you don't mix them.

- Length: 10cm
- It can be compostable
- It can be recycled


- Keep in a cool dry place


- Slow Cosmetique: smart, environmentally-friendly and respectful cosmetics

- Cruelty Free and Vegan certification from Peta: no product were tested on animal

PS: Please note that due to hygiene reasons we are unable to accept any returns on our Oriculi by Lamazuna.