Natural Rubber Condom - 1 unit by HANX

Natural Rubber Condom - 1 unit by HANX

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If you like your condoms the same as your sexual partners smooth, clean scented, vegan, with great contours, and er, lubricated with a 52mm nominal width look no further. :)

Are HANX condoms safe?

Yes, every single batch of condoms made by HANX is tested for defects, durability and elasticity. HANX is CE certified, which means they conform to European standards

Where are HANX condoms made?

HANX are made in Germany, with a fantastic manufacturer who takes condoms very very seriously

Are thinner condoms more likely to break?

Not on your nelly. Thinner condoms are just as robust as other condoms, same reliable protection, more pleasure

What makes HANX condoms vegan?

HANX condoms don't contain casein, an animal protein usually found in condoms. Instead they use thistle extract to make their condoms silky smooth.

Are HANX condoms biodegradable?

Yes they are. As HANX condoms are made of natural latex you can chuck 'em in your compost with your banana skins. They'll start to decompose after 3 months.

Is HANX cruelty free?

Yes, no animals were harmed in the making of HANX products. They have never tested on animals and they never will. Promise.


Regular condoms. Because the conventional condom is made from plastic film (ethylene ethyl acrilate)... not sexy at all!