Lip Balm - Hemp & Honey by Janni Bars

Lip Balm - Hemp & Honey by Janni Bars

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An all-natural lip balm!

These handy pockets sized Lip Balms by Janni Bars are freshly handmade with carefully selected ingredients.

This lip balm uses shea and cocoa butter as a base and it's enriched with hemp oil and manuka honey.

Hemp oil is becoming increasingly popular in beauty products as people are discover its great benefits, as it is packed with Vitamin A, D and E and essential fatty acids as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.

Manuka honey helps to lock in moisture and will give you naturally soft and luscious lips.

This is an oil based product so its consistency can change with temperatures - if it melts, just store it in a cool dry area and it will set again, without any change to its effects.

Size: 20 ml

Packaging fully compostable!