Lip Balm Gift Set

Lip Balm Gift Set

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Wild Rose Botanicals Lip Balm Collection

this festive season give an offering of all the lip lovin magic you need in gorgeous compostable tubes. all the wild rose botanicals collection with an extra exclusive seasonal lip balm. these powerfully healing balms of goodness are light on the lips, nourishing, protective from the elements and aligned to make your lips happy. 

a vegan formula intentionally crafted to soften and protect lips with a simple magical formula of healing raw, unrefined and cold processed oils they provide the full benefit of soothing and conditioning, while candelilla wax provides a nutrient rich barrier.

the essential oil blend of smokey vetiver + citrus undertones of lemongrass are distinctively sultry and sexy just like you goddess babe. the demure rosy color comes from infused madder + alkanet root and sundried strawberries.

the essential oil blend of evocative bergamot, and indulgent roman chamomile + vanilla is a dreamy spring time, of hazy misty morning walks dotted in sweet blooms. the dusky lilac color comes from an infusion of elderberries + alkanet root.

the essential oil blend of effervescent lime, orange + grapefruit is like a summer in spain or a grove of orange trees in california. this bright scent is sure to perk you up and transport you where the sun shines forever. this happy color comes from a delicate infusion of calendula petals + sundried mango.

baby’s breath:
this blend of essential oils is the same blend I have used on each of my babies since birth, it is deeply nostalgic and wonderfully dreamy. helps to soothe skin + calm emotions, a lovely way to check in with yourself and pause the chaos of the outer world and realign your soul. a simple ritual worth looking forward to. 

to use gently push from the bottom, leaving a bit of balm peeking out. apply to lips as simple nourishment or as a base pre-lipstick, use sparingly as it glides on so smooth, let dry, it leaves a gorgeous matte finish + go take on the world.

made with love by hand in small batches in ireland. we use mindful ingredients to lessen our impact + our cardboard tubes have been created from 100% recycled paper, are compostable & recyclable.

*while the lip balms have a color from the infusion of plants they do not leave a tint.

Ingredients: Organic Candelilla Wax, Unrefined Shea Butter, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Cold Process Jojoba + Sweet Almond Oils. Organic Essential Oils + Organic Plant Infusions.