iPhone X / Xs Sustainable Case - Ocean

iPhone X / Xs Sustainable Case - Ocean

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Made from a natural wheat straw-based polymer, Unio cases are as beautiful as they are environmentally sustainable.

The cases are biodegradable while protecting your phone from drops and scratches.

Unio donates 1% of their sales to non-profit organizations supporting ocean cleanups and ocean conservancy. They currently support: the R.O.L.E Foundation "Zero waste to oceans". R.O.L.E. Foundation was created to stop land-based waste from getting into the oceans, and help create sustainable jobs to protect the livelihoods of coastal communities. Through R.O.L.E’s campus they provide education, skill training programs and community assistance to alleviate poverty and ensure environmental sustainability. R.O.L.E is a nonprofit organization based in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. Read more: http://rolefoundation.org/


  • Premium bio-based polymer from wheat straw
  • Biodegradable and recyclable
  • Natural fiber appearance
  • Light smell of plants
  • Smooth and soft texture
  • Thin and perfect fit
  • Protective lens and corners
  • Protects from drops and scratches
  • Open key separation to protect original design
  • Logo and pattern is UV-printed and comes with a natural grey finishing
  • Non-toxic
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Our packaging is plastic-free and recyclable
  • Designed in Sweden

Please note that every single case is unique. Due to the natural base of our material the specks pattern may slightly vary from the photo.


The material in our cases is a premium bio-based polymer. The bio-base comes from natural plant fibers, mainly from wheat straw, which is a renewable resource and an agricultural byproduct. By using plant fibers we reduce the fossil resources consumption and therefore reduce carbon emissions. Our cases are biodegradable (6-18 months) and recyclable.
The material has a lower processing temperature than traditional plastic products which is energy saving. It also reduces harmful gas produced by the high-temperature decomposition.
Through the German DIN biological material certification, it meets the EU biomass material standard. IT is safe and non-toxic which means it doesn't contain BPA amine, plasticizers, heavy metals, and other harmful elements through the FDA certification.