Grow Your Own Olive Tree Kit

Grow Your Own Olive Tree Kit

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It's Greek tradition to plant an olive tree when a child is born. They both grow together, and when the child is 6 years old, the olive tree bears fruit.

Olive trees are considered family trees; they live for decades.

In addition to tradition (rhyme intended), growing an olive tree creates a true Mediterranean vibe in your home. Definitely something that impresses your guests and makes whatever room you put it in more cozy.

It takes an olive tree approximately 2 weeks to 2 months to start growing, but after that it grows quite steadily. It's not difficult at all to succeed with an olive tree, even without green thumbs.

Buying as a gift?

Do as the ancient Greeks did, and buy an olive tree to celebrate a child's birth. Or simply gift it to anyone who you think would enjoy a little Greek nook in their home.

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Botanical NameOlea europaea