Goddess Bath Salts | Glass Jar | 140g

Goddess Bath Salts | Glass Jar | 140g

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Goddess Bath Salts

A beautiful, nourishing, luxe blend of salts, and essential oils that dissolve exquisitely into your warm bath to soothe the skin and the soul. Each glass jar contains 5 oz.

A mineral rich blend of magnesium, epsom, dead sea, himalayan pink salts help to balance skin moisture, ease stress, and relax the body.

Sold by the glass.

Goddess is filled with warming orange, patchouli + cedarwood essential oils. Dried damascus rose, poppy + sweet violets surround you in elegance and romance while providing your skin and senses with a therapeutic soak.

Fill the tub with hot water, sprinkle a generous amount of the salt blend into warm bath water or into the reusable muslin tea bag provided. You can either toss the sachet in the tub or hang it from the spout. Relax and breathe deep. 

TIP: Don't run the bath water too hot. Though the heat can be soothing, temperatures that are too high will make your pores close, preventing absorption of any minerals. In addition, hot baths will make you sweat, just like a sauna, and you may feel tired or sluggish from dehydration. Ideal bath temperature is tepid to warm.

Store in Cool, Dry Location.

| all natural • vegan • organic |

Made with love in Ireland