Food Cover Trio #inspo

Food Cover Trio #inspo

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Our fabric bowl covers come in three versatile sizes, small, medium and large.

Reusable, washable, eco-friendly and pretty (because, c'mon!), these covers will make your culinary masterpiece look extra special when you take it to a barbecue, picnic, bring-a-dish event, party, or just when you've got leftovers to store in your fridge at home.

A great kitchen-to-dining room gift, whether your dining room is in the house, or out and about.

Environmentally-friendly, these reusable covers cut down on the waste of cling film and foil.

This particular set was made to fit bowls, plates and dishes with circumferences of 9cm, 16cm and 19cm but due to the stretchy elastic in their edging, all three of them will fit bowls with a smaller circumference by several centimeters.

This set is made from *very cute* cotton fabrics with inspirational messages!