Eco Egg Dryer - Fresh Linen
Dryer Eco Egg - Fresh Linen
Eco Egg Dryer - Fresh Linen
Dryer Eco Egg - Fresh Linen

Eco Egg Dryer - Fresh Linen

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The breakthrough in tumble drying clothes


Reduces tumble drying time by up to 28%

Softens & fragrances your clothes

Dermatologically tested

Our innovative Dryer Eggs will cut your drying time, save you money and soften and fragrance your clothes too.If you have a tumble dryer, these are a must have.

Money saving

Did you know that your tumble dryer is the most expensive appliance to run in your home?Not any more ‚ the clever dryer eggs lift and separate your clothes in the dryer so your clothes dry much quicker.Your drying time is reduced by up to 28% ‚ for example, a load that would normally take an hour to dry could now be dry in just 42 minutes just by having the dryer eggs in the drum.Imagine the savings!

Baby soft clothes

But it gets better ‚ the patented nodules on the dryer egg naturally soften your clothes without any fabric softener needed.So you'll save even more money by never buying fabric softener ever again.

Sumptuous natural fragrance

Plus‚ our clever little dryer eggs contain hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested essential oil fragrance sticks.The scent infuses through your clothes in the dryer, leaving your laundry smelling divine!

Quicker drying, baby soft, beautifully smelling clothes‚ all courtesy of the dryer eggs.


Simply place both the Dryer Eggs in your tumble dryer on top of your clothes and dry as normal. You can dry your washing on the usual setting, observing all garment care instructions as you usually would.

'The eco egg dryer eggs are proven to save you money every time you use your tumble dryer. Your laundry will dry quicker - imagine the time, money and energy you'll save' - Kim Woodburn, (Kim & Aggie)


The clever little eggs are also refillable. After 40 dries, just pop in a new fragrance stick (enclosed in your pack) and off you go. You can choose to use the dryer eggs without the fragrance sticks if you like, but if you do use them the gentle fragrance will leave your clothes smelling gorgeous. One pair of eggs are guaranteed for 3 years‚ it's the clever way to dry.

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