Forest Grown Coffee - Single Origin by Moyee - Ground

Forest Grown Coffee - Single Origin by Moyee - Ground

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Delicate, fruity and every sip silky smooth. Our FairChain story started in Limu, Ethiopia. This speciality coffee comes from the Kaffa region, the birthplace of coffee and has a beautiful palate of complex aromas and bold flavours.

A fresh medium roast coffee with a light and fruity aftertaste of jasmine and cocoa. We slow-roast this washed coffee for 13 minutes at 197 degrees celsius so you can taste the floral notes and citrus fruits.

FairChain, Bird-Friendly Coffee - Roasted at Origin.

250g, filter.


  1. Delicate Jasmine.
  2. Fruity.
  3. Hints of Citrus.
  4. Perfect for your filter brewer.


  1. Single Origin Coffee Beans
  2. From Beletta Forest, Limu, Ethiopia.
  3. Slow roasted for 13 minutes at 197˚C.
  4. Harvested, Roasted and Packed in Ethiopia.