Bamboo Kids Toothbrush - Soft - Coral Pink by bambooth

Bamboo Kids Toothbrush - Soft - Coral Pink by bambooth

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bambooth bambino® is an organic, natural product that has been made to return to the earth and biodegrade in every aspect that is possible , without sacrificing on quality. Because it is a natural product, it will last longer if it is dried after use and not left standing in water. Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 2-3 months.

The handle is made from panda-friendly moso bamboo which is naturally anti-bacterial and 100% biodegradable. Once your bambooth has come to the end of its life the bristles can easily be pulled out with a pliers and recycled by placing the bristles in a larger recyclable container such as a yoghurt pot. The handle can then be popped in your home composting bin. Or if you are feeling up to it you could think of a great way to upcycle your brush!

Each bambooth colour supports a different type of ecosystem with 10 cent per brush donated to these efforts:

  • Forest Green→The Jane Goodall Institute
  • Sea Blue→Plastic Oceans
  • Coral Pink→Coral Reek Alliance
  • Aqua Marine→Marine Conservation Society

bambooth® uses multi-length DuPont nylon bristles which are the best in the industry so as not to compromise on the quality of your dental care. There is currently no acceptable, biodegradable alternative to these on the market, but rest assured we will be on the lookout!