Moso Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush | VirtueBrush

Moso Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush | VirtueBrush

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reuzi loves self-care!

Say hello to our beautifully made moso bamboo hair brush.

This hair brush coulnd't be any more sustainable...

- Its brush pins are made from pure moso bamboo
- Its cushion base is made from natural rubber
- Its handle is made from moso bamboo with vegan lacquer finish
- Its packaging is fully compostable and made from paper only

Suitable for dry body brushing or instead, in bath/shower as a wet body brush.

Product Info
- Bristles are medium-hard for best exfoliating effect while being gentle on the skin.
- Do not use on sensitive or broken skin.
- Clean brush once using soap and water. Rinse bristles with water after each use and leave to dry naturally.
- Dimensions: 24.5cm x 8cm x 3cm
- Suitable for vegans
- Irish design