Adoni - Leak Resistant Lunch Box

Adoni - Leak Resistant Lunch Box

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Ideal for taking a waste free ‘on-the-go’ balanced lunch from home, this rectangular stainless steel lunch box has a handy silicone seal around the lid which means it more leak resistant than the standard A Slice of Green containers. It also has levered locking clips at each end for extra pressure during closure.

Please note that although this container is suitable for wetter foods such as dressed salad or dips it is not suitable for liquid foods such as soups and broths. We recommend a screw top food jar for liquid foods.

Made responsibly in India from high quality 201 food grade stainless steel. Free from BPA, phthalates and lead.

Not for use in microwave. Dishwasher safe. Silicone seal is removeable and can be washed separately, then reinserted.

Internal Dimensions: 4cm x 15.8cm x 12.3cm. 650ml capacity.


- Not for use in microwave

- Dishwasher safe



Disposable containers!

When I am out and about I usually carry a few basic items with me, including this container.

It helps me avoid disposable containers when I want to buy a chopped salad, for example.
In recent years, many consumers have become aware of the impact of the disposable culture we live in and want to try and live a more sustainable lifestyle.
This lunch box was designed to offer you a stylish range of reusable products that can help you work towards this!