Large Baggie - Mesh

Large Baggie - Mesh

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stop using cling film and kitchen foil altogether when you stock up on these innovative baggies.

use them to carry around your sandwiches, bagels, buns, sliced meat, cheese slices, sliced fruit etc.

handy & eco-friendly!

kids love them too!


machine washable.


cling film & kitchen aluminium foil!

to give you an idea, many recycling centers and public recycling programs don't accept aluminum foil, leaving many scratching their heads as to why.

if you can recycle an aluminum can you should be able to recycle foil as well, right?

well, the fact is, aluminum foil is 100% recyclable though the catch is that it is often much dirtier than cans.

with the sheets of foil often being filled with food waste that can lead to contamination, many recycling center simply won't accept it.